Websites are vulnerable to hacking and mistakes do happen so along with preventative measures it is important to have a disaster recovery system such as Codeguard in place so sites can be easily restored while minimising downtime.

What is Codeguard?

Codeguard is a Website backup and restoration system. It also monitors Website files for changes and alerts site owners of file modifications. This provides peace of mind for site owners knowing site data is backed up daily and is safe. It can then be easily restored if mistakes happen or a site is hacked.

How Codeguard works

  • Automatically connects to Website daily and takes backup
  • Monitors site files for changes and alerts via email of any changes
  • Website files or database can be restored to any previous backup version


“If you missed it: CodeGuard backs up your website in the cloud - Great to protect against hacked sites!"

Matt Cutts, Google Webspam Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Website and Database files stored and are files encrypted?

Files are compressed and stored on the robust Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and are encrypted using industry-leading AES 256 bit techniques.

Does Codeguard do a full backup of site files daily?

Codeguard initially does a full site backup and after this only backs up site files that have changed since the previous backup. However it takes a full backup of databases everytime a backup runs.

Can individual Website files be restored?

Yes individaul files can be restored or a complete site can be restored if this is the preferred option.

What happens when a site file is changed?

Codeguard alerts the account holder via email with details of what has changed anytime changes are made to the source code of site files. Any additions, modifications and deletions of site files can be viewed in the account dashboard.

Are email alerts sent everytime changes to files are detected?

By default alerts for common files that are updated regularly such as Web site statistics, cache, logs, etc. are filtered out so only alerts that should be investigated are sent. However if preferred it is possible to disable common file filtering via the dashboard so alerts for modifications to all file types are sent.





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