N.B. When registering a .ie domain there is supporting information required. Please take a few minutes to read our .ie registration guide below and find out what supporting information you may need to submit.

Applicant Classes

IMPORTANT NOTE: All applicants applying to register a .ie domain name and are not located in the 32 counties of Ireland, must be able to prove a Genuine and Substantive Connection with Ireland (those applying with a registered Community Trademark are exempt from this)

Examples of acceptable documents to prove a commercial connection with Ireland would be:

  • Invoice copies showing evidence of trade to or from Ireland
  • High-quality brochure, Web site or other promotional material
  • A signed letter on headed paper from a bank manager, chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s) (where the tax advisor identification number is displayed), or law firm/solicitor(s) stating the applicants trade with Ireland.


Personal Name:

There are 4 steps to successfully applying to register a Personal Domain Name.

1. Make sure your chosen personal domain name matches one of the formats listed below. Also ensure your chosen name is available by checking our domain search facility located on the main page. [first name / surname] [first name / middlename / surname] [first name / - / surname] [first name / - / middlename / - / surname] [first name / middle initial / surname] [first name / - / middle initial / - / surname] [first initial / surname] [first initial / middle initial / surname] [first initial / middle initial / - / surname] [first initial / - / surname] [first initial / - / middle initial / - / surname] [middlename / surname] [middlename / - / surname] [middle initial / surname] [middle initial / - / surname]


N.B: It is NOT possible to have only your first name or surname registered or to register nicknames.

2. Check the list below to ensure you can supply one appropriate document.

If you are based in the republic:

  • Irish passport
  • Irish driver's licence
  • Irish revenue / social welfare document displaying PPS number
  • Irish birth certificate
  • Irish marriage certificate
  • Irish utility bill (e.g.: UPC, Chorus, SKY / ESB, Airtricity / An Bord Gais / Eircom / Vodafone, O2, Meteor, Three - bill pay phones only).

If you are based in Northern Ireland:

  • UK driver's licence with Northern Ireland address.
  • HM Revenue & Customs / Northern Ireland Social Security Agency document showing National Insurance no.
  • Northern Ireland birth certificate
  • Northern Ireland marriage certificate
  • Northern Ireland utility bill (e.g.: UPC, Chorus, SKY, UTV Internet / NIE, Airtricity / British Gas / BT / Vodafone, O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange, BT - bill pay phones only).

It is strongly recommended that applicants only send copies of original documents.

3. Submit the personal domain name you wish to register via our Web site.

4. Forward the supporting documentation by fax to 067 23846 or scan and email to


Corporate Name:

The registered company number should be supplied in the comments field of the application form.


Registered Trademark Name:

The Registered Trademark number (Irish, Community, British or American only) should be supplied in the remarks field of the application form. All other Trademark holders must forward a copy of the Trademark certificate.


Registered Business Name:

The Registered Business Name number is entered in the comments field of the application form.


State Agency Name:

No documentation is required providing we can confirm the applicant is a Statutory Body.


Publication Name:

Documentation confirming the applicant is the owner of the publication e.g. A faxed copy of a page from the publication where the writer or publishers name is clearly shown. In the case of online publications, simply provide the link to the online publication.


School Name:

If the Educational Institute is recognised by the Department of Education then no supporting documentation is required. If it is not recognised then a letter on the applicants headed paper will suffice.


Politicians Name:

A signed letter, on the politicians official letterhead, by the politician confirming his/her eligibility to register a domain name in this category.


Unincorporated Association Name:

A self-issued letter from the applicant on the association's letterhead outlining that they are an Unincorporated Association and need a .ie domain registered to reflect their organisation's name.


Personal Trading Name:

A letter from the applicant's solicitor, accountant or bank manager confirming that the applicant trades under his/her own name.


Discretionary Name:

A detailed letter from the applicant outlining their claim to register the .ie domain must be forwarded. If the applicant is a registered company or has a registered business name, the registered numbers should be within the letter.

To check the availability of your preferred .ie domain name and secure your business or personal name in the .ie namespace, enter the desired name in the field below and click 'Check Now' to proceed.


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